The Veiled Reality

An experimental study of the plastic statue through clothing.
Research & Design

‘The veiled reality’ is a visual search for the way in which objects act as a communication tool within our perceived reality. When does clothing transcend the human body and acquire its own meaning? Through visual research, this project explores how long items remain recognizable outside their proper context. The revealing aspect of clothing is visually magnified in its purest form, through which it re-establishes its limits. The visual representation of garments and objects using photography and video is alienated in such a way that the invisible aspects of the garments are brought to the surface and the underlying object is revealed for the opinion of the spectator.

Design week Milan 14-19 April 2015: “A Belgian Village, by Drift.”
The Ventura Project, Milan. De Invasie May to September 2015: “De invasie toont.” Design museum, Gent.