She Said Theatre

An award winning international independent theatre company based in Melbourne.
Identity & Webdesign

She Said Theatre was originally founded as a direct response to the lack of women in theatre. Today they are an multiple award winning, independent theatre exploring alternative histories, re-imagine forgotten stories and encourage a theatrical dialogue with the unheard voices in Australian society.

Their stories are as playful as they are critically aware and as creative as they are grounded in the complex truths of contemporary Australian society.

I wanted the identity to symbolise a strong message that would make their controversial opinion stand out. But at the same time would be open for other interpretations at the same time. That’s why transparency became a very important element in She Said’s identity.

The logo became a speech bubble, a space that could transform into a different story. In the extended identity the square becomes a prominent element to add new layers within the communication of their upcoming shows on their website and collateral. By covering parts of the imagery we make the audience curious.