Pearson Companion App

Pearson Test of English
How we helped Pearson PTE Academic by re-designing
their current content into a mobile-first concept for their users
in a short span of two weeks for business case funding?

The Problem
Pearson PTE wants to become the global market leading provider in the English language competency testing. They want to provide test-takers with the right platform to access the official information and preparation.
Recently Pearson has observed an increase in mobile device visitors to the PTE website. PTE also wants to convert their traditional mediums to a ‘synthesized version of their sources to the user via mobile-first digital means’.

Our Approach
For this particular initiative, RXP collective used a workshop-based design approach to create a mobile concept for Pearson PTE in order to create a test preparation and awareness concept for test takers.
Se benchmarked examples from the market and leveraged content sources from PTE in order to create scenarios for the user.

The Method
To meet our customer goals, for instance removing the pains associated with ‘test day’ and mitigate the risk of having to take a re-test.  We adapted co-workshops around the pain points in the existing user journey with a client to create a future-proof concept.

The Outcome: Prototype
We adhered to PTE’s brand guidelines, leveraging on existing visual styles and assets to create a visually appealing experience so that test-takers would feel closer to the brand.
There are themes such as engagement, guided self-education, time-boxed self-assessments, directed specially for the test taker. A means to self-monitor progress means test-takers are can access a pathway until their scheduled test day.

Impact for the client
As the client team was quite close to all the material, they had all the insider information. With our practice of HCD, and workshop methods we were able to discover and map out the key problems and focus on key opportunities for our concept. Although we didn’t get to do primary UX research at this stage of the project, we were able to extract learnings from all the sources that we had access to and bring to light, a way to act on those research insights.
In a short time-frame of 10 business days, we delivered a concept and a plan of what would go on the mobile first concept for MVP and a complimentary Phase 2.