Matters Journal

Brand, Creative &
Illustrative Strategy
- Local Peoples

Local Peoples has identified a clear opportunity to develop a publication that makes it easier for people who want to make a difference to connect with businesses and brands who are doing good. Matters Journal will bring the stories and insights of social enterprise and businesses for good to a wider audience.

Driven by research and real stories from the field, Matters Journal will engage its readers to question and think through what it means to create social impact through innovation and a sustainable approach to business.

A key point of difference is our interdisciplinary thinking; every article in Matters Journal connects and explores connections between two or more areas of Arts, Design, Environment, Food, Health and Technology.


For the launch of the magazine, we’ve designed an interactive campaign that aims for the public’s opinion on certain topics that tap into all categories Matters will focus on. This information could generate a database of useful information, for research & articles later on the project. Every individual will receive a personalized illustration/animation (related to their answers in the chatbot’s “questionnaire”) that will reflect a sort of infographic of their engagement to Matters. These will be shareable across social media and provide the possibility to invite other people to fill out the same questions.