Contemporary Design &
Fashion Solutions.

Brand Development &
Creative Strategy

EQL studios is a young organisation that shines light on individuals and people in need through art.EQL studios aims to add to the quality of live for individuals surrounding one another.
We’ve chosen to align the look and feel with the brand values & giving thought to how this works in digital spaces and product materials. By rolling out a bold, strong logo we’re showing flexibility in potential application and brand sustainability into the future.

When designing the secondary logo we’ve added an important human element to the brand by placing the core letters E Q & L in a particular way to create a facial expression.

These applications of EQL’s brand explores the unassuming attitudes of urbanism at the core. To explicitly onboard new eyes to fashion, we should reflect this ethos in strong, digestible visions which can cross print, web & life. By applying the brand in these different ways we not only create powerful touch-points which young people can relate to or strive towards, we also introduce brand flexibly whereby we can apply these to women and men.

EQL studios truly believes that design can and will make a difference in the world.

– Youth refugees
– Gender equality
– Domestic violence
– Drug abuse
– Homelessness