Grow Together.

Logo Identity
& Creative Strategy

During the design process we’ve chosen to align the look and feel with the brand values & giving thought to how this works in digital spaces and product materials. By rolling out a refined, elegant, organic logo we’re showing flexibility in potential application and brand sustainability into the future.

When designing the secondary logo we’ve added another concept to this strong brand visualisation. B. will function as the shortened version of “Bae.” which lends us the possibility to reflect the brands values in different environments. B. can also be interchanged with Be which will further provide “Bae The Label” flexibility in it’s brand application. (Gets clearer further down the presentation.)

This application of Bae’s brand explores the unassuming attitudes of motherhood at the core of the Bae ethos. To elegantly onboard new eyes to the brand, we should reflect this ethos in strong, digestible visions which can cross print and web. By applying the brand in these different ways we not only create powerful touch-points which mothers can relate to or strive towards, we also introduce brand flexibly whereby we can apply these to women beyond motherhood.

– Be Cheeky
– Be Dreamy
– Be Independent
– Be Trendy