A brief Exchange

Identity & Mobile app

The Purpose of ‘here’ is to provide the public (tourists as locals) with a sense of where idea’s have been born and cultivated in the suburbs in Moreland.The locations include cafes, bus stops, pretty much any public space that may have been the starting point for ideas.
The ideas includes where others penned their books, theatre makers observed characters, painters had created significant work and more.

For the identity I created a symbol that works well in different sizes, is identifiable to an English and non-English speaking audience. By introducing brackets in the primary logo this design presents literally the ‘inside’ information. What defines the effort that ‘here’ brings to the audience. For the secondary logo I rotated the parentheses with a 90degrees to represent a simplified eye.

For the online mapping, I decided to create a mobile app that supports this project in multiple ways.The application will guide participants through the areas and provide them the interesting information about these birthplaces at a given time, by placing I-beacons at each location.