Kraft Heinz

Field Sales Management and Reporting App

The concept I’ve designed focusses on the daily journey of a sales employee.
I have chosen to visualise key screens of the app, to demonstrate who this application
can help the user with its the daily tasks.

Pre Visit:
The dashboard is centred around in a personal calendar that highlights tasks and activities. This dashboard provides a snapshot of the user’s performance, relevant notifications and alerts.We’ve also implemented a widget that shows all the currently running campaigns

Once management hits the road, the dashboard will turn into a map that provides store locations, snapshots with a driving route/travel time.

During Visit:
The store overview pulls in the information of each store to track shop performance, promotions/campaigns. The application has a built-in scanning system where the manager immediately sees detailed information about the product, inventory status and track orders.

Th product detail page captures more specific information, such as product performance, compliance, relevant promotions/campaigns for up sell purposes.

At the end of the visit, the manager has the option to generate a report to improve future visits.